Teacher Resources for Stream Visits & Data Collection

Background Knowledge Resources

Project Introduction

Stream Team Project Introduction from Wendy Krentz Smith on Vimeo.

Stream Team Introduction Lesson

Collecting Stream Data

Collecting Stream Data from Wendy Krentz Smith on Vimeo.

On-Site Resources

Classroom Resources

H20 Hero - learn more about protecting the watershed of Lake Ontario and the Genesee River
Macroinvertebrate Fact Sheets
Macroinvertebrate Match Game
Aquatic Slide Show - introduction and overview of common macroinvertebrates
Bugasaurus Explorus - interactive site about macroinvertebrates and stream monitoring
Macro Practice Samples - practice identifying macroinvertebrates
Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates - examples of invertebrates at an excellent, moderate, and poor stream site
The Case of the Mysterious Macros - meet the student detectives and follow their work as they investigate macros in a stream
Masterbug Theater - learn more about life cycles of aquatic insects
Bioassessment Posters
Macroinvertebrate Images
Activities to Help Learn More About Macroinvertebrates
Invertebrates as Indicators
A Guide to Stream Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Buglopedia! Fact sheet on common macroinvertebrates from the Bugasaurus Explorus site

Delicious Bookmarks for Water Quality