2011-2012 Continued Project Work - Webster Central School District

Klem South has 3 (possibly 4) classes participating in the project at Mill Creek. State Road Elementary School will continue to have grades 2 and 5 visit Four Mile Creek. Klem North will have 2 classes in grade 5 visit Shipbuilders Creek. Be sure to compare the data from these three locations in Webster.

Also, Mrs. Smith's 4th graders will be sharing their data with a partner class in New Mexico through the RiverXchange Project.

2010-2011 Continued Project Work - Webster Central School District

Klem South has 7 classes participating in the project. In addition, State Road Elementary School will be expanding the number of classrooms visiting the stream. Klem North will also be learning more about this environmental work.

2009-2010 Continued Project Expansion - Webster Central School District

This year Klem South has 22 classroom participating in the Stream Team project with varying degrees of involvement from basic introductory exploration of the stream to classes visiting and collecting data and collaborating with other classrooms multiple times throughout the year. State Road School also has 5 teachers participating with us, but collecting data at a different stream in our community.

2008-09 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership Grant - Klem Road South Elementary

As a result of our success with the Pond Partners project, HP awarded our school a Leadership Grant to continue our work for an additional year. We now have 15 teachers representing grades K-5 working together on our STREAM TEAM project with our students. In addition to our environmental work with students, the team of teachers will be working towards two goals to have systemic impact on teaching and learning in our school. Visit the Projects Archives page to see the work from 2008-09.
  • Goal #1 - Our most important initiative is to shift instructional practices in our school to become constructivist in nature using inquiry-based methods.
  • Goal #2 - Our second initiative is to increase the use of technology to facilitate learning for both teachers and students.

2008 NYSCATE Grant Award

Wendy Smith, lead teacher on the HP Grant, and Marcie Faust, a technology teacher in Deerfield, Illinois were awarded a NYSCATEgrant to put technology into the hands of their students to support learning, exploring, collaborating, and creating with each other beyond the school walls throughout the project.

2007-08 HP Technology for Teaching Grant - Klem Road South Elementary

For the 2007-08 school year, five teachers at Klem Road South were awarded the HP Technology for Teaching Grant. The grant consisted of technology awards (laptops, projectors, printers, & cameras) as well as professional development for the team to support our project goals. To learn more about the work of the students and the team of teachers, visit the 2007-08 Pond Partners Project on the Projects Archivespage.