Monroe County Storm Water Coalition Presentation - June 17, 2010

State Road Stream Team Investigators from Wendy Krentz Smith on Vimeo.

MegaConference Jr. - February 2009

Students from Mrs. McDonnell's 4th grade class at Klem Road South Elementary challenged participants with the Dirty Water Challenge during the MegaConference Jr.. Do you think you could clean the water?

MegaConference Jr. - Dirty Water Challenge from Wendy Krentz Smith on Vimeo.

NYSCATE Presentation - November 24, 2008HPIM0979.JPG

This November, a group of 11 students representing the Klem South Stream Team, presented at the NYSCATE conference at the Rochester Convention Center. There were about 40 people attending our presentation at a conference with 1,000 attendees. The students showed what they were learning about with a multi-media presentation. The students were also able to explore the vendor floor, where they tried out all kinds of technology! They even had their picture taken with the author Peter Reynolds! It was a great learning experience for all!

Check out our pictures from lunch and going out on the vendor floor!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation the students created to use in their presentation.

We are always looking for new schools to join our Stream Team project. Here's a presentation used to introduce the project to teachers and parents.

Stream Team Kick-Off Assembly - September 8, 2008

A group of students from last year's Pond Partners project put together an assembly to introduce our Stream Team project to all of the participating classes. Our goal was to get everyone excited about the upcoming visits to our local streams. As part of the assembly, we were hoping to be able to chat with the other schools participating in the project, but we had some technical glitches.