Klem South Kindergarten Stream Team

We are so lucky to be a part of the Klem South Stream Team this year! This inquiry based investigation takes us to Mill Creek, a local stream, where we are becoming real scientists! On our field trips we are making observations of the stream environment and seasonal changes. We are also collecting water samples to see how clean the water is in Webster. From these samples, we will be learning about temperature, pH levels, what is living in the water, and how people impact the water in Webster.

After our first field trip in September, we started thinking about some very scientific questions. Among many other things, we are still curious to find out more about...

  • What makes water move fast or slow? (Current)
  • How and why does the water level change from day to day?
  • Where does the water drain?
  • Why do leaves fall off trees? Why do some trees stay green all year?
  • What do macroinvertebrates eat?
  • What will happen to the macros when the water freezes?
  • Why is the water temperature colder than the air temperature?
  • How do fish know which stream to live in?
  • Where does the water come from?
  • Where do the crayfish come from?
  • Does Millcreek end?
    • We used a map and found where we collected data at Mill Creek. We followed the stream to Lake Ontario where it ended and then traced the stream back to the village where it started.mill_creek.JPG

Before our Spring field trip to Mill Creek we brainstormed questions that we would make observations about and discuss as a class after our trip -
  • Will we find more Macro now than we did in the winter? WIll the macros be different?
"We found really cool macros that we did not find when we looked at the samples before."
"I saw a red worm that was wiggling all over." (Bloodworm Midge Larva)
"We did not see any crawfish!"
"We saw a dead fish, with no eyes."
"I saw this macro that was not even on the sheet." (Predacious Diving Beetle Larve)

Spring Data Collection

Mrs. Miller's Spring Macro Chart
Mrs. Miller's Spring Viual Survey
Mrs. Odle's Spring Visual Survey

You can check out some of our class field trip photos or movies by clicking on our class web page: