Holland Patent Elementary is located in the central part of New York State. The Nine-Mile Creek is located about a mile from our school. My fifth grade class is currently involved in the "Trout in the Classroom" Program that is sponsored by Trout Unlimited. We begin our year with receiving eyed eggs from the Morrisville Fish Hatchery in November. We learn about the tank set up with our water, a bubbler, filters, a chiller, and rocks. The importance of clean water to our environment is the most important lesson we learn. Trout need clean water, cold water, and lots of oxygen in order to survive! We wanted to join the stream team to learn more about our stream - the Nine-Mile Creek - in which we release our trout into in the Springtime!

This site is "Trout in the Classroom" that our class is part of that is sponsored by Trout Unlimited.