Mrs. Piwko's science classes did a blind taste test to see which kind of water-bottled, filtered and tap, tastes better. Other countries don't have potable water, but we do, so why would we buy bottled water, when our results showed that we didn't even like it. People think that bottled water is better than tap water but it wasn't according to our data. We think that there are many misconceptions about bottled water. Bottled water also costs more and our tap water is free. We wondered what the results would be with different types of bottled water.

Blind Water Taste Test Results
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(Information added by Katherine and Karina during our morning wiki team time.)

After our Stream Team visit the kids had some questions.

Mrs. LiPari’s Stream Team Questions

  • What are some possible places macroinvertebrates can live in the water?
  • Can the water ever get cleaned?
  • Does the rain improve the water?
  • Who is in charge of the streams clean up? Is there an adopt-the-stream program?
  • How many types are there?
  • What do macros eat?
  • I wonder what would happen if you didn’t have any types of rocks?
  • Are there nocturnal macroinvertebrates?
  • Do they have a special territory or do they swim, eat, and sleep where ever?
  • How much will the water quality vary between streams?
  • Will a faster flowing stream have better water quality than a slower flowing stream?
  • Is all human impact bad?
  • What do macro invertebrates eat?
  • When do you know you can drink stream water?
  • Would dirty and clean water ever look the same?
  • I wonder how bad we can damage the water.
  • How will the macros adapt to the human impact done? Will they survive?
  • How do macro invertebrates reproduce?
  • What are some normal day things that effect bodies of water that we don’t know we’re doing?
  • Do macro invertebrates have predators? What kind?
  • Do macro invertebrates have prey? What kind?
  • Are most streams in the United States mostly polluted or clean and clear?

Mrs. Piwko's Stream Team Questions
  • How long do macroinvertebrates live?
  • What do small macroinvertebrates eat?Can drinking out of a stream affect your health?
  • What research is being done to protect our streams?
  • How many species of macro invertebrates are there?
  • Do macro invertebrates eat each other?
  • How can the water be clear in some spots, but dirty in other spots?
  • Do people’s boats pollute the water?
  • Does the data show pollution?
  • Have there been any recent discoveries on how the macroinvertebrate population has changed in the past 2 years?
  • Is there any known purifier that can make water quality better?
  • Why can’t you really see the macroinvertebrates in the water?
  • What do they need to live?
  • Did the water quality indicate pollution?