Four Mile Creek Webster, NY

Third grade students work to investigate water quality at this location:


Mrs. McDonnell's Fall Field Trip Video

Vocabulary Illustrations created by Mrs. McDonnell's class.
Students illustrated some of the vocabulary they needed to understand in order to complete the Visual Survey. Students hoped that the pictures would help students in younger grades learn new terms.

Mrs. Means' 3rd Graders visited Four Mile Creek.

Our 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Webster Water Treatment Plant.

Mrs. McDonnell

Brianna said,
"Some parts of the trip were stinky and other parts didn't have a smell."
Gabrielle said, "It smelled. But I learned that they cleaned the water before it went bask into the lake."
Zach said, "They don't clean the water forn the storm drains it goes back to the lake."
Olivia said, "They use bugs to help clean the water."

After learning about where our local water goes, Mrs. Pennock's Class took action! They collected data on their daily water use. Check out the graphs that were developed and read an entry from a student journal.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant Kelsey W.

Today my class and I went to the waste water treatment plant! Waste water means water that has been used. It could have been used for washing your hands, taking a bath, and it could have been used for going to the bathroom. Treatment means to be treated. At the Waste water Treatment Plant they do treat the water by cleaning it. The people that work there put the water through stations. First, they put it through the bar screen. The bar screen catches rags, sticks, and big lumps. Then that water goes down to the grit chamber. This station collects heavy particles such as small stones. After that, the water goes to the primary sedimentation tank. This tank lets smaller solids have a chance to sink to the bottom. These solids are called primary sludge. After this station the sludge goes to the sludge digester. Then, this water goes to the aeration tank. In here they add air to a mixture of waste water and bacteria. The bacteria helps decompose the waste in the water. Then the water goes to the secondary sedimentation tank. In this tank, there is also a sludge digester. They use chlorine which is what you put in your pool to kill the bacteria. Or they will use ultraviolet light to kill the organism in the water. Finally the water is released in a waterway, like a river. This is how your water is cleaned.

Mrs. McDonnell Class
Aidan said, "This camera was for going into pipes that are too small for people. You can change the wheels to make it smaller. It takes
pictures of what is in the pipes."


Spring Trip

Investigating Macros:

"We were excited to find a few Stonflies because they only live in clean water!" - Jake
"We found some Riffle Beetles that were in group two. This is one of the cleaner categories." - Rachel
"We found 3 Crawfish from group 2". They can live in water that is a little dirty. " - Molly
""the snails tried to escape form the trays. We t hink they didn't like being in the water. I think they could drown." - Emillie

Mrs. McDonnell's Class Observation:

Some Reflective Thoughts:

Matt H. ... "Stream team changed the way I thought about science. I used like it a little bit but now I love it."

Matthew ..."Being a part of Stream Team changed the way I think about science because before science was just about learning out of a book but now it is going places and doing stuff you would learn in a book."
Grace Ann... "I used to think we only would only work inside with our science books and the SMART Board, but we went to a real stream!"
Joey... "Stream Team changed the way I think and plan my experiments."
Audrey... "I never did a science project for the whole year before."
Caroline... "This project changed the way I think of how I use water. I didn’t know how much water we use. Now I try to make a better choice."
Megan... "Being a part of Stream Team changed they way I think about Science. Before I was a part of stream team I only read a book or did a worksheet, but now I
can get into the water and see how scientists do it!"

Kelsey... "Last year science wasn’t my favorite subject but now I like it more! I can’t wait until next year."