To view the 2nd grade work from the Stream Team 2008-09 project, visit the Project Archives page.

Participating Classes:
Mrs. Eva Burns
Mrs. Katie Hanson
Mrs. Janice Allocco-Ange
Mrs. Amy Hoctor

Winter Macroinvertebrate Samples Collected by Mrs. Burns' Class

Mrs. Burns' Class Winter Macroinvertebrate Samples

Winter Macroinvertebrate Samples - Mrs. Allocco-Ange, Miss Hanson, & Mrs. Hoctor's Classes
Winter Macroinvertebrate Samples (Mrs. Allocco-Ange, Miss Hanson, Mrs. Hoctor)

10/14/09 Mrs. Burns class had some questions about this year's Stream Team Project. Here are some things we are wondering:
  • Will we have to walk through the water to see the bugs? -Anna
  • What if there is a storm when we go to the stream? - Caleb
  • What are the names of the macroinvertebrates? -Sami
  • Will we have to wear boots? -Kara
  • Do we have to be in a group with another class when we go to the stream? -Adam M.
  • Do we have to go far upstream? -Nolan
  • Are we going to use the GPS? -Patrick S.
  • Will we go on both sides of the stream? -Jenna
  • Are we going under water? -Vanessa
  • How long will we be at the stream? -AJ
  • Will we need special goggles to see the things that are living? -Caleb
  • What are we going to do there? -Vanessa
  • Will we get wet, head to toe? -Jenna
  • Will we see things other than the macroinvertebrates? - Patrick S.
  • What kinds of animals will we see? -Kara

On 10/20/09 Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Hoctor's classes went to the stream to collect data. This is what we found:

Burns Fall Data
Hoctor Fall Data
Stream Depth
6 cm
5 cm
Stream Width

800 cm
Water Clarity
122 (very clear - we did not have
to empty any water from the tube!)
Air Temperature
61.1 degrees F
56 degrees F
Water Temperature
48.1 degrees F
48 degrees F
? the water in the tube was yellow

3/3/10 - Mrs. Burns class will be going to collect data at the stream tomorrow. Before we went, we reviewed the fall data. Students made predictions about what they will see at the stream this time:

  • I think the depth and the width will be greater this time because the ice may be melting into the stream. Patrick J.
  • I predict that the pH will be the same. I also think the water clarity will be even better than it was in the stream. Jenna
  • I don't think there will be as many macros as last time because it is so cold. I also think there will be more water because the snow has melted. Kailyn
  • I think the air temperature will be colder. Hallie
  • The water temperature will be a lot colder because it is really cold out. Kara
  • I think the water will be colder because it is winter. The water will be clearer. AJ
  • I think the water will be deeper because there is more ice and snow. Nolan
  • I think the pH will be 0.10 and the water will be covered with ice. Adam M.
  • The water temperature will change because it is colder. Joey
  • I think the depth will be higher because the snow melted and the water got higher. Grant