Check out our spring data. Look at the difference between Kindergarten's trip and ours!

Kindergarten 5-15-09
First Grade 5-26-09
Water Temperature
60 F
53 F
Air Temperature
52 F
Depth of Stream
37 cm
21 cm
between 0-1
between 1-2
between 0-1
between 0-1
Water Clarity
120 cm
110 cm

Ms. McNeil's and Mrs. Sero's first grade environmental scientists are so excited to be part of the Stream Team! Check out how different our field trips were to the exact same location at Millcreek.

Mrs. Sero's Class conducted a survey to find out what our parents know about our fresh water supply. We tallied the data and created graphs to show our results. Check it out!

Parent Survey Results
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