Did you know that Joaquin Miller School in Oakland, California is just around the corner from a waterfall? Did you know that Oakland is between the San Francisco Bay and Redwood Regional Park? Our students are looking forward to exploring the local Sausal Creek Watershed which starts near the park and drains into the bay.

Here are some of the activities we'll be doing this year:
  • Taking nature hikes along the stream to learn how to identify native and non-native trees and plants
  • Visiting the local botanic gardens and neighborhood nursery where baby plants are raised
  • Learning about the Ohlone tribe who lived in our watershed
  • Observing seasonal changes in the water levels
  • Testing the water and monitoring wildlife
  • Learning about the effects of drought on the watershed

We want to do these activities to understand why it is important to restore our local creeks and protect the web of life.

We like having a waterfall in our backyard!

Here's a map that shows where we'll be exploring!


All the classes have been using these trading cards made by our fifth graders to help us identify plants on our walks to Beaconsfield Canyon, which is just above the waterfall.
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