What We Liked About Our Fall Field Trip to Four Mile Creek

  • We loved to see and touch the crayfish and other macroinvertebrates.
  • We were able to observe the horse chestnut tree.
  • We could touch worms and other things.
  • We observed the scuds in the trays.
  • We LOVED wearing our boots, going in the water, and using different tools to collect data.
  • We liked doing the macroinvertebrate dance in the water.

Our Observations

  • On one side of the bank there was a lot of vegetation and on the other side there wasn't as much.
  • More than a hundred scuds were swimming quickly in the water.
  • A crayfish, about the size of our pointer finger, was walking in the pan.
  • One crayfish was dead.

Our Questions

  • We know that lobsters can live in cold water. A crayfish looks like a lobster, so can a crayfish live in cold water?
  • I wonder what the macoinvertebrate data will be if we are further down the creek.
  • I wonder if we will find less macroinvertebrates in the water in the winter.